Apple Blossoms & Pansies

apple blossoms and pansies

I love fresh flowers grown in my own yard or found while hiking wooded trails and meadows. I don’t usually take interest in floral prints, but this one says exactly what is on my mind today. One simple yet powerful moment lives in my heart, softening and opening the closed doors of my soul. I’m showing you my feminine side, the dreamer who balances the warrior and keeps him whole so that the armor does not crush us.
~Credit to the artist: Nolia Frances Roehing circa 1920~


You are beauty

You are beauty to me. The thought of you relaxes my face into smile, your image opening my heart in wonder, in joy, in gratitude.

sound waves

Your name, in my voice, pushes open this space, moving aside all our fears and excuses. My love, spoken aloud to the air, stretches across boundaries, visible and not. Harmonic phonation, carries intent through this space, the pulsing power of words forms waves of hope and possibility. Feel me. Hear me. Know me. I’m coming for you.