sometimes even failures open doors


Be the Prayer

My heart hurts today; it’s been hard to stay focused on the present tasks at hand. How can I edit a love story when lovers are bound to ancient demands, barely glimpsing each other across a field of torment? How dare I wash and fold my clothes when shirts and pants are shredded by passions exploding with rage?

I did my tasks. I held my place in the world and all the while tried to hold a small piece of a place far from me and people I don’t know as my heart burned and tears flowed down my face.

Each of us needs to be the prayer and you don’t have to believe in anyone’s special god. You simply need to care, to value every life, to choose love and send that out into the world in whatever way you can.

Please, be the prayer today. And tomorrow.

vague stirrings

Moon has risen; I feel her pull before she rises in the sky. Heart strings stretched by unseen hand open the hollow chamber, echoing their need. Casting aimlessly, my thoughts toward those I think might stroke those chords. Surprised when the answer does not come from you. The one who needed me was not the one I need.



The sky blushed pink this morning as I thought of you, wanting to share intimate connection, to touch, to know that most precious awareness, the absence of walls.