i mua aroha
Matariki ringa

hiainu koraha wahine

awarua rere tahi manawa

taonga mauri

An Attempt (at writing a Maori poem)
before love
a symbol
Pleiades on my arm

thirsty desert woman

two streams flow into one heart

precious life force


Winter Solstice 2014

Turning toward the light, to welcome this new day
I give thanks for the seasons of the dark
that teach me to find light in my own soul
I embrace the coming warmth that is my reward
for walking this path with honesty

Our Quiet Pool

After the sweet words have swelled my heart and saturated my soul,
After trust has slogged through the rocks and mire,
When emotions have found their freedom in a sheltered cove,
Rest with me a while, till our minds are clear again.



My heart feels more than my mind can define. Unsettled, a bit heavy, a little bit afraid. Perthro cautions me; make no assumptions. I go inside, I listen, I wait. Wanting to send out that message of comfort and hope, needing to wait, to trust that she knows where to find it.


Stay a While

I’m learning to recognize your frequency, when you stroke the silk nearest you, and tremors stir my consciousness. Sometimes I let the pulses pass through me, carrying your touch. Sometimes I hold out my hand and tell you, “Here, I’m here, stay a while with me.”


Just Be

Words float aimlessly in my mind,
images, feelings,
pushing my brain back out of the way,
making room for heart to rise.
Just stay here in this space a while.
Just be.


Morning Eyes

In the early light, before the sun
moon still high and just past full,
I saw your eyes,
the color of the sky.