Still. Be.

The roller coaster churns me up, down, and around. Thrilling. Devastating. Exhausting. Up, down, around, and back again, three weeks of chaos, a month of turmoil. Finally, tonight is quiet, and I don’t know how to behave. Stillness calls. Trying to listen. Whether I have a moment or an hour, don’t let me waste this precious gift. Light the incense, close my eyes, sit within the circle. Be.



Innocence should not have to suffer
pay the price for no one sinned
The guilt belongs to those of us
unscathed by fate’s harsh blows
To watch with impotence
the agony of the stricken
The price we pay
to keep on living



To listen is the greatest gift
more powerful than love.
To listen is to give you value
beyond the mere image
that love can create.



Life drawn from
earth’s rich soil,
swells the body
beyond full.

Poppy droops
before its blossoms,
heavy with promise,
dreams release.

Sweet fragrance dances,
hope set free.


She asked to go for a walk

You haven’t the strength
to walk where we once did
so here, I’ll carry you
past farms and fields
across the bridge
through the parts of town
where we weren’t supposed to go
we never did like rules

Set your spirit free
my fierce, sweet warrior



I bleed from each slice,
each lash against your skin.
I am swollen and bruised,
from the blows to your heart.
Enough, please,
let me lead you across.
You’ve fought long and hard,
and you’re not giving up.
Please, let me show you,
there is another way.