Welcome to Raven’s Eye, the editing services of CK King. My passions are the outdoors, learning, and a job well done.

Depending on family circumstances, you’ll find me among the hills and rivers of upstate New York, wandering the mesa and mountains in New Mexico, or kayaking the tidal waters in the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. (No, I’m not a rich celeb with three houses, just a blessed human with family everywhere.) I’m certain there is something profound about three homes that all start with the word new, but I haven’t found the answer yet. I suspect it’s something to do with learning, which is the passion that led me to editing. Books, and the people who write them, open minds and hearts to the world of possibilities.

Beta reading led to friendships with several authors. Networking opened doors to editing, which sparked a determination to learn more about the craft. UCSD provided the formal education, and Raven’s Eye became a reality. Six years, several publishers, over fifty authors, six countries, and counting….

Keys to successful editing:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Research
  • Attention to detail
  • Diligence
  • Open Communication

From mapping your rough draft to editing every line, I offer editing services individually and as a package. Thanks for stopping by and taking a minute to learn about Raven’s Eye. Drop me a note, and let’s talk about doing your next project together.