We agree on a fee base at the start of your project. The fees are determined by complexity of research, writing quality, length of manuscript, and number of revisions. Any changes to the scope of work will be agreed on before excess fees are incurred. Payments via PayPal.



Fees in USD


Read the manuscript and write an opinion on the feasibility of the project. Note the strengths and weaknesses. Make suggestions for improvement. Provide results in a cover letter. There is no in-line editing with this service.


Story Mapping

Read the manuscript and chart the theme(s) of the story on a timeline that displays the rise and fall of the plot arc. Provide results in an Excel file or PDF and explain in a cover letter. There is no in-line editing with this service.


Developmental / Substantial Editing

Edit the manuscript to bring out the characters’ personalities and voices. Ensure the timeline makes sense. Evaluate and improve the rise and fall of the plot. Research historical, geographical, and commercial references for authenticity. Coach author on writing style if needed. Provide results in-text and with a cover letter


Copy / Line Editing

Provide a precise edit for sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and accuracy of details. A limited amount of foreign language is acceptable, but full translation services are not provided. Review word choice to avoid redundancy and common misuses of language. Make recommendations or in-line edits as agreed with client. Provide a style sheet and summarize results in a cover letter.



Check the same line-edit details for accuracy. Writing quality should have already been addressed in earlier stages of editing. However, gross omissions and unclear language will be noted.


Discounts and Special Offers:

  • Individuals serving in the US or NZ armed forces, police, and fire services receive a ten percent discount. Does not apply to publishing companies.
  • Author’s writing their first novel receive a fifty dollar discount on developmental editing.
  • Discounts may not be combined.
  • Frequent clients may establish fixed rates based on average scope of projects.
  • Charitable contributions. During December and January, invoices will include an option for a portion of the fee to be donated to a selected charity.