Winter Blessing

Bright Blessings on this winter day, may love’s flame warm your heart.
A gift of words:

Winter is the time of dark
    of resting
        and connecting

As we settle in
    earth’s gentle womb
        she sees the emptiness
            of our soul

We question how we came to be
        in this place
            where we cannot see

Ages of longing have failed to fill
        left in our hearts
            wounds unhealed
            a yawning abyss

This place of seeming end
    is not

Holding us here
    ‘neath winter’s cold
        she readies us
            to launch again
            into the sun warmed sky

Trust in her darkness
    as we breathe
        infinite truth
                into our soul

    to her wisdom
        let her heal
        and feed us

She’ll send wolf
    to find our lost parts
        and return us

Breathe the infinite
    stirring our soul
        igniting our voice

Feel sun
    reclaim the sky
        lifting us
        on warming air

Turning, turning
higher still

Speaking truth
    releasing wisdom
        spiraling up
                into the infinite
                    where all are one
                        and all
                            are whole

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