For a Birthday

Beneath the Surface
There’s a cove I’d like to visit.
She’s a ways off, but I get glimpses when the light’s just right
Gentle waves lapping against rock and sand, playfully inviting, unassuming
A place that’s kind and warm, an easy-go-lucky day on the water,
. . . a pleasant swimming hole
Cobalt flips to cerulean, lifts a layer away, deep amethyst blinks beneath the waves
That’s where my attention’s drawn, the hidden depths, the mystical treasures
What passions live just beyond the reach of sun’s glinting rays?
Subtle eruditions revealed only to the invited who are brave enough to dive.

October 14, 2014

2 thoughts on “For a Birthday

  1. Your words are fragile, filled with determination and strength, they cut to the heart of matters, they both cry and console. They are beautiful. ❤

    • I want big, meaningful words right now. All I have is a heart open and eyes wet, released by the magic of being seen. You are beautiful my friend.

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