Good morning

Good morning world. Good morning sun and sky, earth and water, trees and critters who share this planet with me. Good morning me. I sat here this morning, trying to focus, trying to find my center amid the cacophony of voices I want to answer, the myriad of needs I want to meet. And I remembered. I remembered the most important thing I learned in the past few years, the most important thing I ever learned. The first voice I need to answer, the first need I must meet, is my own heart’s cry for self love. Only when I value myself and honor myself, do I gain the compassion, the power, the peace, the joy, to be able to love others. Only then do I draw more love into my life. Where once those words were a vague concept that sounded nice, but was probably trite, they’ve become living truth in my world. Loving myself gave me the courage to pursue a new passion, to learn a new skill. That passion opened the doors to new friends, with bright energy and a new direction for my life. I enjoyed a year or two of living with myself, with joy. Such a pure and simple concept that had been foreign to me. Walking my new path brought me to the edge of a new life and a new love. Hand in hand, we stepped over that edge and found the healthiest and most nurturing love either of us has ever known. We walk toward our future together, but the most important lesson remains. To love T, to love our family in two countries and multiple time zones, I must first love me. I can never stop listening to my own heart’s cry for self love. It all begins there. Good morning world. Good morning T. Good morning me.IMG_2749

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