Leaving a trail, an apple here and there, scattered in the field, near the place where I wait. An invitation to this cautious creature. Sleek and magnificent, radiating power and mystery. Circle round me, catch my scent. Watch me from afar. I’ve laid no snares in the grass. No rope will claim and pull you, in submission to my will. I ask you to come freely, or come not at all. I invite you on this journey as my companion and my help. I offer you the same. Some days our chests will heave and hearts race, running at full gallop. Some days you’ll carry me, some days I’ll shelter you. We can not know how far we’ll go, nor how close we’ll grow, until we take that first step.

Until you’re ready then, I’ll sit and wait, watching you watch me, wondering if you’ll leave, or come a little closer.

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