The Fool

The envelope is sealed, notice given, stamps applied.
Will I set my heart adrift, passed from hand, to bag, to plastic tote?
Will I let these strangers leave me naked at your door?

I’ve never been one to tape notes to the bathroom mirror; I had an ex who did. I often wondered what she got from the toothpaste splattered scraps that she couldn’t get from a clean mirror. Well, I suppose I’m not yet too old to learn something new.

A wrinkled yellow post-it, with two scribbled sentences, has chided me, calmed me, and nudged me, for several weeks. This one speaks today, “Nature does not fight against itself.”

After a fretful night and waking, my answer’s clearly reflected back at me, and settles in that knowing place. Truth finds its home in that same spring that keeps these words flowing out of me. I can no more deny my heart than I can my lungs. Oh trust me, I’ve tried and nearly lost myself in a slow and suffocating death. So, once again I open, let down the shields, and wait.

Am I a fool? Perhaps.I face toward the unknown and set foot upon this journey. Perhaps, I’ll learn a lesson about what energies I draw to my life. Perhaps, I’ll find a companion, whose well is as deep as my own. Perhaps, a passion lit from two flames.

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